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Marketing: are you faced with a plethora of marketing opportunities, confused by all the marketing channels and unsure of your actual requirements?

Business Development: are opportunities being missed?
Do you know your market/clients well enough?

In an ideal world would you have a team of ‘marketeers’ with specialists in various areas and someone focussed 100% on business development?

Are you limited by budget and headcount?

Why not utilise a contractor that can provide various services depending on your needs and budget?

helping businesses to achieve their true potential

About H2H

H2H Marketing Services (H2H) is me, Helen, supported by my network of business support and marketing freelancers and design and creative agency contacts with whom I have long standing working relationships. Together we provide a fully integrated delivery service, not merely ‘consultation’.

I am ‘hands on’ in my clients’ businesses working as a contractor and applying all of the knowledge and skills I have built up over the past 47 years (yes, I say 47 as I believe you start learning from birth and you never stop!).

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications, business development and account management, I provide a tailored offering to all my clients. I firmly believe every business is different depending on the in-house skill sets, the market(s), the product and/or service, current positioning and future goals.

H2H therefore does not provide Gold, Silver and Bronze ‘packages’ but defines the package following engagement with clients and an understanding of what they need/is their priority at that time.

What makes me different?

I have held a number of roles in business development and account management – fully client facing - and like to refer to myself as ‘hybrid’. I hear far too many stories, even nowadays, where sales and marketing are not connected or working together. My experience allows me to understand the objectives of both and how each can support and enable the other.

“ In many ways Helen is a rare breed, a 'Heinz 57' with a true diversity of competencies, experience and skills in her armoury… ”


H2H refers to ‘human 2 human’. I called my business this as I fear we have lost sight of the fact that communication is ‘human to human’ even in this digital age.

Services overview

  • Review & development of market positioning
  • Marketing plans
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Branding / rebranding
  • Development of collateral (brochures, case studies, newsletters etc.)
  • Event organisation & management
  • Copywriting & proof reading
Business Development
  • Strategy
  • Opportunity identification
  • Proposal delivery
  • Market intelligence/research
  • Bid writing, design & review
  • External communications (including website development & social media)
  • Internal communications (including corporate events)
Additional Services
  • Workshop delivery / facilitation
It doesn’t take her long to understand a brand and both its strengths and weaknesses
Miss Milly


“A person who stops marketing to save money... is the person who stops his clock to save time”

Marketing is often cut when times are hard, the flexibility of a contractor means you do not need to have the overhead cost of a full-time employee who can only deliver one or two aspects of the ever growing marketing mix. Whether it’s specific marketing campaigns, strategy, planning, branding/rebranding or event delivery I am happy to advise and deliver at all levels.


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell”

Even the smallest of companies are active online these days because it’s ‘at your fingertips’ and easy to do. However, it does need to be the right type of content to engage your audience (potential clients, existing clients, new talent, partners…). PR, copywriting, website content, creating a social media presence etc., all or one or two elements can be part of your tailored package with H2H.

Internal Communications

“Marketing is everything you do intentionally and everything you do unintentionally”

Everyone in your business is involved in marketing (note lower case ‘m’) and a lot of this marketing is therefore unintentional…Engaging with your own workforce is critical to your brand success - your people are your brand. Internal communications through workshops, email, comms platforms, posters, newsletters, events etc. are all part of the overall service offering at H2H.

Business Development

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming” (Richard Branson)

The key to developing and growing our businesses is being able to identify opportunities, even when the real opportunity isn’t clear from the outset. I believe in taking a collaborative approach to business development, underpinned by sound market research and building strong business cases. Gathering market intelligence, liaising with clients and potential partners and support in building business cases can all be provided by H2H.

She has been an asset to Centregreat Rail through the delivery of a full brand refresh, and raising our company profile through social media and industry events, to significant bid support on one of our largest contract wins to date (Network Rail CP6 Wales & Western).


John Hannah - Operations Director
Centregreat Rail